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Specializing in Laser Tattoo Removal and Laser Hair Removal as Well as IPL, Microneedling RF and Skin Tightening for the Most Difficult Skin Conditions

Personalized Care

Whether you’re doing tattoo removal, hair removal, IPL, or skin tightening; it will take time and commitment. Creating beautiful skin does not happen overnight. Looking for quick fixes will often leave you dissatisfied and disappointed. It will take time and commitment, especially with hair or tattoo removal.

We utilize a philosophy that recognizes that your skin is a reflection of many different factors: genetic predisposition, diet, exercise, external factors such as sun exposure and skin care products. We will work with you to identify the factors that are detrimental to the health and aging process of your skin. We’ll create a plan and set goals that will, with perseverance, help you achieve the most beautiful skin you can. We will monitor your progress through photographs and charting and adjust your skin care accordingly.

Proven Laser Technology

In this constantly changing age of new technology and new products, it can be very confusing for those seeking lasting solutions. Our center evaluates and utilizes the latest advances in the aesthetic field to assure you are receiving products that work and technology that is proven. We look forward to guiding you through your skincare journey.

Let Aaron and Cherie, cosmetic laser specialists and owners of the Cosmetic Laser Centers of WI, help you look and feel your very best.


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