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Body Sculpting

(Sheboygan Location Only)

Hello and thank you for visiting our Body Sculpting page. My name is Aaron, I am one of the owners of The Cosmetic Laser Center of Sheboygan and have been performing Aesthetic laser procedures since 1998. Having been in this field for 24 years I have had the opportunity to see the evolution of Body Sculpting. One of things I have observed over the years is what I call the “ONE OFF SYNDROME”. What is the one off syndrome? it is the idea that ONE single treatment with ONE single device will produce the results people are seeking. Now I’m not saying these don’t work, what I am saying is that it is in most cases the “ONE OFFS” fall short of their intended goal. That is why we have created a body sculpting program that we feel will not only help clients achieve their goals but at a significant savings compared to most treatments.

Body Sculpting Process
( Only 3 steps )

Step 1

The first step in the process is our Cryostim, Cryostim is very similar to Cool Sculpting but with out suction and without the associated nerve pain post treatment. The Cryostim has 4 steel plates with ice cold liquid circulating through them. After the protective anti freeze membrane is applied to the area to be treated the 4 steel plates are positioned on top of the membrane and a spandex wrap with velcro secures them to the area. The tempurture of the plates will go down to -10 celcius or 14 degrees Farenheit. The client now lays comfortably for the next 45-60 minutes while the fat is Frozen. The fat cells are frozen to the point of apoptosis which is a fancy word for death of the cell. So once the fat cell (Adipocyte) is dead the next step in the process is for the body to get rid of the now dead fat cells. These cells are removed through a natural process called Phagocytosis. Now under normal circumstances That process can take up to three months but with our second step we can cut that time by almost two thirds.

Step 2

The second step is our Compression Therapy. Compression therapy in the case of fat reduction is done with a compression suit. The feet, legs, arms and abdomen are placed inside of the compression suit which is attached to a computer controlled air compressor that inflates and deflates the suit in sync with your Lymphatic system. This is significant because the Lymph system is largely responsible for removing things in the body that the body no longer has a  use for such as dead fat cells. The treatment lasts thirty minutes and is done immediately after the Cryostim. Most clients say it feels like a relaxing massage. The compression suit also incorporates infra red heat warming you back up after freezing but more importantly it will aid the body in getting rid of the fat.

Step 3

Muscle Sculpting with our Deep Sculpt, very similar to M Sculpt in that it utilizes Pulsed Electromagnetic energy to stimulate deep contractions of the  muscles. This will help stimulate movement of the dead fat cells as well as tone and tighten the muscles which in turn aids in the overall appearance of the area being treated. This therapy lasts 30 minutes and feels like you have done a very thorough muscular workout when you’re done. And you don’t have to be concerned if you haven’t been doing any exercise, the deep sculpt has settings for the beginner as well as a seasoned athlete.

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