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Hair Removal

Going through laser hair removal can be a major decision. The Cosmetic Laser Center is committed to you during the entire treatment process. With five Wisconsin locations and dedicated owner-operators, we believe in our ability to give you the best hair-free lifestyle. There are many reasons why we believe you should contact The Cosmetic Laser Center:


Over 2 decades worth of experience
With 25 years of owner-operator experience, your hair removal experience is important to us; in fact, it’s our livelihood. Your excellent results mean ongoing referrals to us so we can be in business another 25 years or more!

Only pay for what you need
We don’t promote packages for hair removal or any type of laser procedures and here is why; Once you have paid someone upfront for your treatments if you are dissatisfied or unhappy with the treatments or results it becomes much less likely that you will get a refund. After being in this business for 25 years I have seen too many times individuals provided with substandard treatments or poor customer service or worse yet many places go out of business and your money and treatments are gone. Don’t do it! Make us earn our money and your business by only paying as you go. If you’re not happy you can simply fire the company performing your service by walking away. If you prepay that becomes much harder and in many cases impossible. We don’t lock you into multi-treatment packages you just might not need. Our pay-as-you-go treatments are easy on the pocketbook!

State of the art equipment
Our state of the art lasers are safe for all skin types. Comfort pulse technology has built-in contact cooling which means minimal discomfort with great results for your specific hair type be it fine or coarse, light or dark.

Hair Removal is often thought of as a very simple procedure and on the surface it is. But there is much more detail involved behind the scenes that most never hear about. 

For instance, your hair has three separate growth cycles all occurring simultaneously. Those stages are Anagen(Growing stage) Catagen(Resting stage) Telogen(Dying stage). Only hair in the growing stage is affected by laser treatments. So at any given time only ⅓ of your hair is actively growing, the other ⅔ are resting and dying. For these reasons hair removal requires multiple treatments. A long-established industry average of 6 treatments is always our starting point but there are several reasons or conditions that may require 9-12 treatments.

Reasons for additional treatments are;

Darker skin types that would be classified as skin type 4 or higher, can often require additional treatments. Darker skin types have a high concentration of Melanin/Pigmentation. The laser energy acts upon pigmentation. So when the laser is applied to your hair, it is seeking the melanin in the hair. The energy absorbs into the Melanin, the energy becomes heat and the heat damages the bulb that grows the hair and eventually the bulb stops producing hair. The higher the concentration of Melanin the greater the absorption of energy. So if an individual also has high concentrations of Melanin in their skin, the skin becomes a target for the laser and can cause damage to the skin. So when we are treating darker skin types it requires us to treat at lower energies and longer pulse duration’s to protect the skin from damage which in turn means we have to do more treatments.

Conditions for additional treatments;

PCOS(Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) A condition in women that causes them to have elevated levels of Testosterone which causes excess hair growth and the need for additional treatments beyond the standard 6. Much more uncommon are medications but in some circumstances, medications can cause excess hair growth that could require additional treatments Menopause can cause hormonal shifts that can cause excess hair growth and sometimes hair loss and again when causing excess growth additional treatments may be necessary to attain the desired long term results of Laser Hair Removal.
Hair removal in 99.9% of the individuals we have treated has no downtime, minimal discomfort and in 21 years never any burning or scarring. 

Things to know before coming in for your 1st treatment; 

Please shave the area on the morning of your appointment. Also know that we would need you to NOT have waxed, plucked the area, or used any nair products 5-6 weeks before your 1st treatment. Shaving is always okay.

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